Hurlingham Waterfront declared one of best selling developments in London

In just 5 months since Hurlingham Waterfront first launched, our landmark scheme in SW6 has now surpassed £60 million in sales. This exceptional achievement firmly establishes Hurlingham Waterfront as one of the best-selling developments in London this year.

Market demand has remained consistently high since the launch of Hurlingham Waterfront in May of this year. Buyers are keen to capitalise on the unique blend of expansive green spaces and world-class amenities from which each of our large, design-led apartments benefits.

With over 90 different apartment types to choose from, Hurlingham Waterfront has captured the attention of purchasers looking for the perfect riverside residency. A further broad range of apartments have been made available due to this popular demand.

To explore Hurlingham Waterfront’s Prime and Classic Collections, visit https://hurlinghamwaterfront.co.uk/residences/